Phil Short

Eddie's Yard

Video Production
Creative Direction

Creating a guitar play-through video to show off Phil's latest track "Eddie's Yard"

The Brief

Eddie’s Yard is heavily inspired by the legendary Eddie Van Halen! Match the 80’s Rock vibes of the track but put a modern twist on it. The fretboard needs to be seen at all times as this is a guitar play-through video instead of a music video. Make it look incredible.

How Did We Do It?

Before the shoot date we worked with Phil to completely immerse ourselves with the track to understand what he was looking for and what the track needed. Once this was done we came up with some concepts for what the final result would look like and spent time storyboarding it.

The venue we decided on was an old beer brewery (no beer in there anymore unfortunately!) which gave some cool vibes for the background.

On the day of filming it took 2 hours to set up all the gear and then 4 hours of filming time, getting multiple takes of each song part

This meant we could capture the best playing possible and also a variety of camera angles.

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Very professional with a great positive attitude and realised my vision for my music video. No request was too much of an ask, and the final product was of outstanding quality!

PHIL Short

The Results

An incredible video (if we might say so) which has all of the angles anyone could want and something which people can watch on Youtube and see how the track is played.

We love talking about technical details and all the techy specs of our gear, but usually keep them to ourselves as people sometimes get bored. If you have any questions or would love to work with us, then, get in touch and we’d love to have a chat with you.