Olly Steele


Video Production
Creative Direction

Filming a Guitar play-through video for Olly's latest track "Waves"

The Brief

Make a play-through video with the white infinite room vibe. Ensure the fretboard can be seen at all times and make Olly pop.

How Did We Do It?

"Begin with the end in mind" (as Stephen Covey likes to say). So! Taking the 7 Habits book seriously we worked with Olly to find the exact end result he wanted.

We settled on some reference images (which began the search for the whitest space possible!) We then went to check out some studios to see which ones were most suited (we wanted to find somewhere which fitted the budget and gave us the right amount of space.

"Get a Date" The goal we were set was to have the video completed within 3 weeks. This meant from the date of filming we had to ensure that we were quick with getting down to editing. We took time to prepare as much as possible before the filming to make the edit fast.

"Say Cheese" Filming date we arrived early to make sure that everything was set up for when Olly arrived so he could get down to doing what he does best! Sophie and Josh manned (or womanned) the cameras, lights, kettle, food (all essentials) and gave direction to capture the all the guitar angles anyone could be after!

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Working with Super Llama was a total pleasure. Punctual, hard working, committed understanding and a great listeners. Big recommend!

Olly Steele

The Results

An incredible demo of Olly's playing and a super smooth production process (if we might say so) to ensure fast delivery. We also provided photo's of behind the scenes and a mini photo shoot for Olly's Insta!

Btw we should say - If you want more techy details than "lights and cameras" we'd love to share all of this with you. Just get in touch at the bottom of this page and we can hang out!