Awesome Cutlery

Word On The Street

Video Production
Creative Direction

Making an album release video (in a small room)

The Brief

Awesome Cutlery are a band on a mission. Awesome Cutlery is ran by Dan and Gareth but their two characters are called "Captain Awesomeness" and "Cutlery Boy" who feature on their albums. Their new album "Word On the Street" sounds absolutely incredible and the world needs to hear it! Their mission is : “Helping families worship Jesus together.” We were asked to step in to help more families and churches hear their music for the first time.

How Did We Do It?

We came up with the idea of creating an engaging video to send to potential listeners via email inviting them to try the album for free AND get free resources.

We co-wrote a script with Dan and Gareth to make something which was effective at getting across their mission and the reason why.

We filmed in a very small old chapel. The challenge was that there wasn’t an angle without a curtain, plug socket or even worse….a dreaded radiator!

Thanks to AI we were able to then fix all of these issues and then expand the room! This gave us loads of flexibility and gave us more so that if any future clients don’t have a perfect room/studio (with no radiators in) AI might just be able to save the day.  

We filmed enough content in 2 hours to give them a release video, a social media post and a series of "Behind the Music" videos so that they will have some content to keep them going for a while.

We then had a great time editing the videos making lots of different animations and motion graphics to make it super engaging.

By the way; that guitar is NOT real!

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It’s been a complete joy working with Super Llama. We asked them to help us with the release of our third album, with project management but also creative input. They brought heaps of energy, enthusiasm, attention to detail, excellent communication and creative skill to our project. We can’t wait to work with them again

Dan Adams & GARETH LOH
Awesome Cutlery

The Results

Both Gareth and Dan were extremely happy with the end video and the results it received. They were able to be hands off throughout the process and were able to add creative direction ad hoc as they saw the videos going through the stages.

We can't wait to work with them again!